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Welcome! to Test Spots.

TestSpots Opens May 11th, 2020

Here at Cleveland Web Works, LLC & Test Spots, the health and safety of our proctors, testers and team are the #1 priority, and we are making recommendations and implementing precautionary measures to minimize risk and prevent spread of the virus. With that said, in today’s global economy, we believe that mitigating the spread of the panic is also important to help avoid unnecessary negative impact to our clients’ lives, careers and businesses.

Test Spots will continue to provide to answer your questions on the vendor sites and have their telephone support lines readily available.  If busy, please leave a message, TestSpots will return telephone calls promptly.

When taking an exam at TestSpots please note the following changes:

·     You must wear a face mask

·     You must bring your own writing utensil

·     No waiting in the lobby or café, if you arrive early you will asked to wait in your car until test time

·     Personal Hand sanitizer is highly recommended  

From all of us at Test Spots – Stay smart and stay safe.

In times of crisis and disaster, we are often defined not by the root event or cause, but by how we respond as a community and nation. We are notifying our vendor partners community to that Cleveland Web Works & Test Spots are approaching this in a positive, proactive tri-fold response to the pandemic:

  1. EDUCATE – Get informed on the facts and recommendations from global health organizations very informative methods for detection, prevention, response and control” produced by medical professionals at the World Health Organization.
  2. INNOVATE – Make smart adjustments to your lifestyle and workstyle based on the facts. Take advantage of cloud technologies to minimize potential exposure for testing. Call our offices to discuss that we are making smart workstyle spaces for your testing, we can be positively reached at 440.232.3846 and our representatives will take the quality time to discuss any topics that we can answer. We are taking all measures to keep our facilities open for testing to accommodate scheduling for those who are in need of their certifications and abiding by the precautionary measures. Your important to us and “getting certified” during times like these may be the best time while taking a positive, proactive tri-fold response to the pandemic.
  3. FIGHT BACK – Let’s unite and make a difference! Don’t panic. We can’t control the virus, but we can control our reaction. Wash your hands, sanitize, take other preventative precautions- But don’t allow yourself to be consumed by fear or put your entire life and career on hold. Our future and global economy will be shaped by your response- Make it positive. We will have plenty of hand sanitizers in our test centers, facilities to wash your hands, and continue to provide a clean environment throughout the facilities every moment through out the day. Again, a healthy and safe environment is our #1 priory! 


Best Regards from the CWW & Test Spots Team!

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TEST SPOTS provides some of the best equipped and maintained IT training facilities in the region.
NOur rooms offer excellent accommodations for desktop and technical training sessions, meetings, and seminars
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Our comprehensive IT Training and Testing offerings include online and live instructor-led training for the most popular desktop applications.
We also specialize in e-learning curriculum design, documentation and training for proprietary software applications.
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Custom Solutions

Custom software development specializes in creating custom software to help you run your company.
We are here to develop the right solution for you. Together, we’ll design a system that addresses your business needs.
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Computer Training Classes

Keeping your staff current on the latest software iterations is mandatory for business success and often for compliance issues as well.
Our facilities features some of the best-equipped and maintained IT training classrooms in the Central Florida region
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To help you on your path to certification success, there’ll be a dedicated space for you into our platform.

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Recertification requirements, combined with a variety of learning resources, ensure that your knowledge keeps pace with a rapidly changing field.

The high-integrity examination and certification process ensure that CAHIMS and CPHIMS are the standard for healthcare information management systems.

Certification helps employers match skills to job requirements and provides confidence that employees have the right skills for the job.

Certification credentials increase your standing in community by attesting to the integrity of your knowledge and skills and the reliability with which you can apply them.

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