TestSpots is an Authorized Testing Center for Certiport. As such, we are committed to the highest levels of quality in our test delivery and proctoring services for any individual, group or company seeking the globally recognized and valued credentialing that comes from Certiport certifications. From our spacious, efficient and technologically robust computer testing center to our top-notch testing staff and world-class hospitality services – your experience at TestSpots with Certiport exams will be one you long-remember fondly. You may even feel the urge to return for MORE certifications!

In Certiport’s words:

As the world moves to a global economy with easier movement of employees and increased competition, there is a technology skills gap that can be felt in almost every country. Certification, particularly entry-level certification, helps to build a skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers and government tech initiatives. Certifications mean having a global impact. We all live in a global economy. Gain the skills you need to create more opportunities for yourself and your country.

Certiport offers certification credential for the following certification programs:

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