Computer training via E-learning empowers students and employees to maximize their learning potential at their own pace for more successful outcomes. Harried HR directors and teams experience the convenience of administering training and testing through multiple platforms at various locales with trackable results. Test Spots makes accessible computer training for everyone a reality for our clients through customized e-Learning design, development and deployment.

Today, we are fortunate to have on-staff a strong team of network engineers, webmasters and infrastructure staff, as well as programmers, graphic designers, project managers, usability professionals and database administrators. This robust team provides us with vast capabilities to assist customers with a wide range of issues in designing and deploying content.

  • Large numbers of individuals who need the provided information.
  • The individuals in-need of knowledge are distributed in small concentrations over a wide geographic area – aka distance learning.
  • New hires in a distributed geographic region need the information continually but sporadically.
  • The individuals will need to reference the information at sporadic intervals in the future.
  • The information does not contain a high level of complexity or difficulty in interpretation, and tends to be relatively straightforward.
  • The knowledge provided has timeline-based trigger events, e.g., “How To Write a Purchase Order” for a new ERP system rollout.
  • The information provided has legal or regulatory implications, and content control and versioning must be in place. An example is occupational safety information – such scenarios are often linked with the need for testing and record keeping


By tracking your training project and providing metrics and evaluations along the way, Test Spots guarantees you’re satisfied with your training results.