When teaching new software applications and processes to businesses large or small, we have discovered that seasoned, caring instructors with a firm grasp on IT technology and a healthy dose of human interaction skills do the best work and achieve maximum results. Our comprehensive, customer-focused IT training solutions include instructor-led training for the most popular desktop applications – including Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365, Adobe, Cisco and SQL courses. Our archly adept trainers with extensive real-world experience in a variety of industries are even ready to learn your own custom IT applications and teach them to your end-users. Talk about immersive learning!

Our Training Consulting Services framework describes our methodology, which is broadly classified into four different stages, each with its own unique characteristics and deliverables. We add value to your business at every stage of our framework and give you the flexibility to engage us at any point.


We can deliver on any software class or IT subject and we can tailor the content for your specific needs:

  • One-hour sessions for multiple groups
  • Brown Bag lunchtime sessions
  • After-work sessions
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd shift training schedules
  • Provide floor walkers who assist
  • Departments during rollouts
  • Provide floating trainers as-needed


Test Spots provides individual software instruction and project assistance for individuals:

  • Desktop and technical IT applications
  • Private executive training sessions for managers, directors, VPs, etc.
  • After-work sessions to reduce productivity downtime

Focusing on the specific needs of the individual is clearly faster and more cost-effective than a “generic” class, when the value of the person’s time is taken into consideration.


Test Spots can provide additional staffing and instructors for large, proprietary-application rollouts, system upgrades, and support for enterprise-level training initiatives. In addition, we have an array of online tools for scheduling and tracking work performed, resources and budgets. We adapt to your training needs.

  • Contract & project-based instructors
  • Instructor teams
  • Small and large training roll-outs