Committed to the art and science of computer-based testing administration TestSpots proudly administers PSI test exams to individuals, teams, organizations and companies. We’ve speared no expense in keeping our computer testing facility up-to-date and current with the latest hardware and software; comfortable and ergonomic furniture; fully controlled climates-by-room; secured Wifi Internet access; hospitality – including a student lounge and cafeteria, many restaurant options and catering choices, free coffee and tea; plenty of off-street parking; and professional and dedicated test monitors, administrators and proctors who make it their mission to provide each individual with a positive and successful test experience through PSI exams or our other testing partners’ test offerings.

In PSI’s own words:

PSI has 70 years of experience with providing solutions to federal and state agencies, corporations, professional associations and certifying bodies worldwide. We are the world’s leading career development company, with over 13 million tests and assessments administered by PSI every year around the world. From HR talent measurement, education assessments and digital IT skills testing to licensing tests for state governmental agencies and trade associations and more than 130 certification programs in healthcare, finance, veterinary services, construction and more, PSI is a global leader in certification, licensing and talent measurement.

As the preferred assessment technology provider for leading federal agencies, we understand the complexity of the market and are constantly innovating new ways for our technology to make your hiring process better. Whether it’s using our own validated assessments, content from the industry’s best publishers or your own proprietary tests, our platform provides you with one view of critical characteristics to help you make strategic decisions.

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